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MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine)

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At Our Online Medication Shop you can safely and Securely Buy Ecstasy Online without Prescription  MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is the chemical found in the synthetic “club drug” ecstasy, a drug with stimulant and hallucinogenic effects. ly ingested orally, although some users have reported taking it anally (known as “plugging” or “shafting”). Users have also been known to “parachute” the tablet, by placing the pill in a napkin, crushing it, and then swallowing the piece of napkin in an attempt to speed up the drug’s onset.
MDMA is also available in powder form, often contained in gel tabs, and is sometimes  snorted and occasionally smoked, but rarely injected. Today, a high percentage of pills contain other drugs; some pills marketed as ecstasy may not even contain any MDMA. These adulterants can include other club drugs such as MDA, PMA, Ketamine, PCP, and DXM, while some pills are cut with ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and even caffeine and over-the-counter medications. It is believed that the contents of a pill can be identified based on its logo or color (e.g.- red pills are
believed to contain mescaline, brown pills assumed to contain heroin, etc.), but a pill’s color and logo say nothing about its ingredients, as pill manufacturers often add food coloring to dye the tablets.

MDMA’s Effects

MDMA affects levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain that is related to mood (and pleasure), sleep, and heart rate. When ingested in the body, MDMA causes the brain to flood itself with serotonin, causing the body to have heightened sensitivity and the individual to be intensely emotional and empathetic. However, when the effects of ecstasy wear off, the brain is depleted of much of its supply of serotonin. Because of this substantial loss, depression is a common after-effect of MDMA use. MDMA has also been shown to damage some critical thought and memory functions of the brain, along with contributing to the degeneration of serotonin-producing neurons and dopamine transmitters. This damage may be long-term.About 20 to 40 minutes after taking a tablet, the user experiences small rushes of exhilaration, often accompanied by nausea. Sixty to 90 minutes after taking the drug, the
user feels the peak effects. Users may continue to experience effects for up to 6 hours, and can feel “cracked-out” (drained, burned-out) for up to 2 days later, due to the heavy loss of serotonin and the great strain that the drug causes on the user’s body. Buy Ecstasy Online without Prescription.

Short-Term Effects
Short-term effects of ecstasy use can include:
• Muscle tension
• Heightened senses
• Hallucinations
• Euphoria

Ecstasy-related deaths have been reported, usually as a result of heatstroke from dancing in hot clubs for long hours without replenishing lost body fluids. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are the two biggest dangers when under the influence of MDMA. It is important to note that there are many other side effects that can occur from other
unknown drugs/substances that could be in the ecstasy tablet. These can include addiction, overdose, and death.

MDMA and Sex
Many users will abuse ecstasy simply for the ‘body high’ – the senses of feeling and touch that become intensely pleasurable. This physical sensitivity, paired with the feelings of self-acceptance and empathy for others, can often lead to an increased sex drive and feelings of intimacy. This is why some people consider ecstasy to be an
aphrodisiac, or even one of the date-rape drugs. Nevertheless, while MDMA may enhance sexual desire, it also impairs sexual performance. Males may be unable to achieve erection under the peak effects of ecstasy, while both sexes have great difficulty in achieving orgasm. In addition, due to the effects of dehydration and heat exhaustion,
both sexes can encounter a lack of lubrication – the number one cause of condom breakage. And because ecstasy lowers inhibitions and can heighten arousal, it can easily lead to risky behavior in which the user would not generally participate.
Throughout the country, and in Maryland, there have been reports of a new combination of drugs that has been hitting the streets and club scenes. Ecstasy (a drug with stimulant and hallucinogenic effects) and Viagra (a prescription drug for erectile dysfunction) are being used as one, a combination known as “sextasy” or “trail mix8
.” Together they produce a synergistic effect where the effects of the two drugs are greater then the effect
of each drug individually.

Use and Users:
Roll/Rolling – under the influence of ecstasy (like “tripping” on acid) E-tard – person who uses a great deal of ecstasy; a burnout Candy flipping – using LSD with ecstasy Flower flipping/Hippy flipping – using mushrooms with ecstasy Elephant flipping – using PCP with ecstasy flipping – using ketamine with ecstasy Love flipping – using mescaline with ecstasy

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