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Buy LSD 220ug  online  with  paypal or btc full escrow .Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is a semisynthetic product of lysergic acid, a natural substance from the parasitic rye fungus Claviceps purpurea. Albert Hofmann, a natural products chemist at the Sandoz AG Pharmaceutical Company (Basel, Switzerland) synthesized it in 1938 while searching for pharmacologically active derivatives of lysergic acid. He accidentally discovered its dramatic psychological effects in 1943. Though he synthesized many lysergic acid derivatives, none had LSD’s unique spectrum of psychological effects. During the 1950s LSD (Delysidc Sandoz) was introduced to the medical community as an experimental tool to induce temporary psychotic-like states in normals (“model-psychosis”) and later to enhance psychotherapeutic treatments (“psycholytic” or “psychedelic” therapy). LSD is a semisynthetic substance derived from lysergic acid as found in the parasitic rye fungus C. purpurea. The
molecule consists of an indole system with a tetracyclic ring (C20H25ON3). Carbons 5 and 8 are asymmetric: therefore, four isomeric, optically-active LSD isomers are possible and known. These are d- and l-LSD and d- and l-isolysergic acid diethylamide. Only the d-LSD isomer has psy choactive properties. D-LSD crystallizes from benzene in pointed prisms. It is water-soluble and its melting point is 83◦C. LSD is usually stabilized in solution as its tartrate salt. The molar mass is 323.42 g/mol. A great number of homologs and analogs of LSD has been studied. These derivatives consist of variations of substituents on the amide group, sometimes accompanied by substituents on the indolic pyrrole ring. Except for derivates substituted at the N-6 no other derivate has shown a potency comparable to that of LSD.


A moderate dose (75–150 μg p.o.) of LSD will significantly alter state of consciousness. This alteration is
characterized by a stimulation of affect (mostly experienced as euphoria), enhanced capacity for introspection, and altered psychological functioning in the direction of Freudian primary processes, known otherwise as hypnagogic experience and dreams Especially noteworthy are perceptual changes such as illusions, pseudohallucinations, synesthesias, and alterations of thinking and time experience. Changes of body-image and egofunction also often occur.The acute psychological effects of LSD last between 6 and 10 h, depending on the dose applied.The minimal recognizable dose of LSD in humans is about 25 μg p.o.The “optimum” dosage for a typical fully unfolded LSD reaction is estimated to be in the range of 100–200 μg.Traumatic experiences (called “bad trips”) can have long-lasting effects on LSD users, including mood swings and rarely flashback phenomena  It should be noted, however, that these generally take place in uncontrolled conditions. Conversely, it has been shown that under controlled and supportive conditions, the LSD experience may have lasting positive effects on attitude and person

One problem with acute cognitive testing is that after a clinical dose of LSD (100 μg or more) is given, subjects become too impaired to cooperate due to the intensity of perceptual and physical changes. Lower doses may not capture the real cognitive effects LSD may provoke. Nevertheless, many tests have been given and the most representative studies are cited. Psychomotor functions (coordination and reaction time) are frequently impaired after LSD .LSD also decreases performance on tests of attention and concentration. Jarvik et al. [38] found 100 μg LSD to impair recognition and recall of various stimuli. Aronson and Watermann [39] showed learning processes to be unaffected by 75–150 μg LSD. Jarvik et al found that 100 μg LSD significantly impaired performance on arithmetic while 50 μg had no such effect. Memory was also affected by LSD as was illustrated with the Wechsler Bellevue Scale . Impairment of visual memory was shown in the Bender–Gestalt test . Thinking processes are more resistant but can be also affected when higher doses of LSD are given . Under the influence of LSD, subjects will overestimate time intervals. Lienert showed in several intelligence tests,that intellectual functions are impaired under LSD. He interpreted his results as a regression of intellectual functions to an ontogenetically younger state of development. See Hintzen for a complete review of neurocognitive studies with LSD. Turning to chronic neurocognitive after-effects from LSD exposure, Halpern and Pope’s  review indicated no evidence for lasting impairments in performance

Buy  LSD 220ug  Online without Prescription In the USA & Canada  With Paypal or  Bitcoin Full Escrow


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