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Ketamine Crystal Powder


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At Our Online Medication Shop you can safely and Securely Buy ketamine crystal powder Online without Prescription. Ketamine  powder is a potent analgesic and dissociative anaesthetic agent that has been used since its discovery and synthesis in 1962. Ketamine’s popularity is due to its unique ability to produce rapid sedative, analgesic and amnesic effects together with its beneficial secondary features. The latter include bronchodilation and maintenance of both airway reflexes and sympathetic nervous system tone.1 Recent studies have also suggested previously unrecognised neuroprotective  and anti-inflammatory  properties.Due to ketamine’s unique properties and versatility it has gained increasing popularity in prehospital and emergency medicineas well as being used extensively by anaesthetists and anaesthetic assistants throughout the world. Newer uses include lowdose analgesic protocols, adjuvant therapy in local anaesthetic nerve blocks, applications in reactive airways disease, as wellas procedural sedation for both routine and complex procedures in theatres, emergency departments and critical care units.
Despite the potential advantages of ketamine, it has not proved universally popular, due to its potentially troublesome ‘‘emergence’’ phenomena, its potential as a drug of abuse and the introduction of other sedative and analgesic drugs.
Research using isomers of ketamine, such as ‘S-(þ)-ketamine,’ a more potent N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDA) binder, has enabled the use of lower dosing for similar effects.4 This reportedly results in a lower incidence of the traditional psychoactive side effects, whilst maintaining the beneficial effects of the drug.

Adverse reactions

The main effects are neurobehavioural:
 anxiety
 agitation
 changes of perception (e.g. loss of notion of danger, visual disturbances),
 disorientation and impairment of motor function, such as ataxia
and dystonic reaction
In such a condition, the misusers will have severely impaired self-control, which poses
a risk for injury for him or her self or others (e.g. when participating in traffic).
Common side-effects reported by users were:
 slurred speech,
 dizziness,
 blurred vision,
 palpitations,
 chest pain,
 vomiting, and
 insomnia.


Ketamine’s important medical uses should be clearly distinguished from its non-medical use. Ketamine was first synthesized as a replacement for phencyclidine (PCP, ‘angel dust’), which had a range of adverse effects.
Like phencyclidine, ketamine was shown to be a potent ‘dissociative anaesthetic’ that produced profound analgesia and amnesia without any slowing of heart rate or breathing. However, patients often reported a variety of unusual symptoms when recovering from ketamine anaesthesia. These ‘emergence phenomena’ included
elusions, hallucinations, delirium and confusion, and sometimes ‘out-of-body’ and ‘near-death’ experiences. In turn, these phenomena led to ketamine being withdrawn from mainstream anaesthetic use with humans.

Ketamine has been used therapeutically as a pharmaceutical agent in a number of areas of both human and
veterinary medicine for over 50 years, in particular as an analgesic and anaesthetic. Studies are underway
exploring the use of ketamine for treatment-resistant depression, for the treatment of addiction and it is also
being explored experimentally as a pharmacological model of psychosis.

Ketamine is used in sub-anaesthetic doses, often as ‘burst’ subcutaneous, continuous subcutaneous infusion or
intravenous therapy prior to conversion to oral therapy in opioid-tolerant cancer pain (Visser, 2006); early
clinical audit data suggested that this was effective (Jackson, K., 2001). Since then a number of studies have
been published – a 2012 Cochrane Review of the use of ketamine in cancer pain found seven randomised
controlled trials (RCTs) and 32 case reports/series (Bell, 2012). Only two RCTs were of sufficient quality to be
included; these suggested that ketamine as an adjuvant to morphine improves the effectiveness of morphine in
the treatment of cancer pain. Hallucinations were common in the ketamine groups (40% in one study). The
overall conclusion of this Cochrane Review was that there is insufficient evidence to assess the benefits and
harms of ketamine as an adjuvant to opioids for the management of cancer pain.

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