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Etizolam 2mg




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From our shop buy etizolam 2mg  online with paypal or full btc escrow. Etizolam 2mg  is a benzodiazepine analogue, a thienodiazepene. It has gathered some popularity on the new psychoactive substance (NPS) market in the UK and Europe.

Brand Names3: Etilaam, Etizest, Etizola, Sedekopan, Depas, Pasaden.: Etizolam is unlicensed in the UK although used as a prescribed medication in other countries such as India4, Italy5 and Japan6. A 1mg tablet is equivalent to a 10mg diazepam (Valium) tablet, Etizolam typically comes in 1mg and 2mg tablets which are often described as ‘pellets’. Its appearance can vary depending on the source of purchase. A popular brand name. Etilaam sold online is found in a foil strip packet with 1mg dark blue ‘sugar pill’-sized coated tablets. There are other tablets in circulation which are lighter blue (similar to blue diazepam colour) and can display the markings EZ9. The 2mg are often small dark pink coated tablets. Tablets from other vendors may simply come loose in a zip-seal plastic bag.

Route of administration: Etizolam is generally consumed orally, by swallowing tablets or powder placed into gel capsules. It can also be taken sublingually10 (under the tongue). There are reports of snorting and rectal administration although this appears to be rare on the UK scene.
Dosage (when prescribed)12:
Anxiety disorder: 0.25-0.5mg twice daily
Panic disorder: 0.5mg twice daily
Insomnia: 1-2mg daily
Maximum daily dosage: 3mg
Similar to benzodiazepines, prescribing guidance is that etizolam should not be prescribed beyond 12 weeks. A gradual taper strategy when stopping etizolam is also recommended to ease any withdrawal effects. There is limited data on etizolam toxicity in the literature.


Comedown effects: Some users report malaise after use but the majority of people who use on an occasional basis suggest there is little comedown or hangover. Using on a more frequent basis can lead to rebound anxiety and/or depression, with difficulty sleeping, problems falling asleep or waking early. Brain chemistry and pharmacological effects: Etizolam is a full benzodiazepine receptor agonist15 and so has a broadly similar pharmacological profile to benzodiazepine drugs such as diazepam. It has the full range of group-specific benzodiazepine effects: anxiolytic, sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant, and is approximately 10 times more potent than
diazepam . It differs from drugs such as diazepam as it has selective and high affinity binding to postsynaptic GABA-A receptor alpha2 subunit, which results in specific anxiolytic effects.
Patterns of use: Patterns of use appear to be similar to other benzodiazepines. Some users report using etizolam as a comedown aid after using stimulant or psychedelic drugs.

Tolerance, dependence and withdrawal: Benzodiazepines such as etizolam which are more rapidly eliminated from the body are less likely to accumulate17, and there is evidence to suggest that etizolam is less likely to induce tolerance and dependence compared with classical benzodiazepines. However, dependence may develop with regular use of benzodiazepines, even in therapeutic doses for short periods. If benzodiazepines are discontinued abruptly after regular use, withdrawal symptoms may develop. Administration of regular doses of benzodiazepines can result in physical dependence, characterized by a withdrawal syndrome when the drug is discontinued. With larger
doses, the physical dependence develops more rapidly .
Withdrawal symptoms include: anxiety, insomnia, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, anorexia, vomiting,
nausea, tremor, weakness, perspiration, irritability, hypersensitivity to visual and auditory stimuli,
palpitations, tachycardia (fast heart rate) and postural hypotension (drop in blood pressure on standing). In severe and rare cases of withdrawal from high doses, patients may develop affective disorders or motor dysfunction: seizures, psychosis, agitation, confusion, and hallucinations. There is also evidence that links benzodiazepine use (in conjunction with alcohol) as a factor in
Long term effects/known harms: Etizolam is entirely metabolised by the liver and so is
contraindicated in those with liver function issues25. Loss of hypnotic effects and increased
tolerance may be experienced with long term use. There is also a risk of dependence and
addiction with repeated use.
Benzodiazepines commonly cause drowsiness, ataxia (neurological conditions which affect
balance and coordination), dysarthria (difficulty speaking), nystagmus (involuntary eye movement)
and blepharospasm (involuntary closure of eyelids). Coma, hypotension (low blood pressure),
bradycardia (slow heart beat) and respiratory depression occasionally occur but are seldom
serious if these drugs are taken alone. Coma usually lasts only a few hours but may be prolonged
in elderly patients.
Benzodiazepine respiratory depressant effects are more serious in patients with severe chronic
obstructive airways disease. Severe effects in overdose also include rhabdomyolysis (breakdown
of muscle tissue) and hypothermia.
Co-ingestion of alcohol and other central nervous system depressants potentiates the effects of
benzodiazepines and can increase toxicity.

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